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The Boston Chapter of Links, Inc. is an organization with a long history of working in economically disenfranchised communities with a focus on ensuring the economic survival of individuals in those communities.

For the past 60 years, the Boston Chapter has collaborated and partnered with numerous organizations in the Greater Boston area, including Crispus Attucks Child Center, Casa Myrna Vasquez, Women’s Lunch Place, Dress for Success, The Dimock Center and The Food Project, to support either existing programming or assist in launching new services in the community.  Among Boston Chapter’s many activities are a book program at a local daycare center, back packs filled with school supplies, supporting arts in the community, Mama Kits in Africa and supporting women in the Sudan . 

Most recently the Boston Chapter has focused on Health and Human Services.  In support of First Lady Michele Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign, in May of 2012, the Boston Chapter embarked on a three-year commitment with the Martin Luther King Jr. K-8 school in Dorchester, MA(the “ King School ”) to provide an overall health and wellness program.  The Boston Chapter launched its Signature Service effort -- ‘Fit for the King: A Health and Wellness Project’ on May 12, 2012 atthe King School.  The fun-filled event included African drummers and dancing, family aerobics, healthy cooking classes for parents, health- based storytelling for kids, fitness, music and arts, face painting and double-dutch.  The three-year initiative will be supported by volunteer hours provided by members of the Boston Chapter, as part of their commitment to community service.

The King School is a public school located in North Dorchester, Massachusetts with a student enrollment of 406 students.  The principal of the King School, Khita Pottinger our enthusiastic partner took over the helm in 2014 and has helped the chapter continue to complete our annual goals. The school has a need for improvement in healthy meals, health education and physical activity.  It is located in a geographical corridor of Boston that has relatively high levels of poverty and unemployment. Its households rank among the lowest in terms of income and per capita income --almost half of 2006 households have incomes less than $25,000. More than two-thirds of the students (350) qualify for free or reduced lunch. Such corridor is also in the middle of neighborhoods with the highest levels of public health problems among children, including asthma, elevated blood levels (toxic); and low birth weights and violence.  Because of needs identified at the King School, The Boston Chapter is committed to an effort to create and or leverage “wrap around health and wellness programming” at the King School and its surrounding community.  The Boston Chapter believes that a school-based model provides the greatest opportunity for engaging both parents and students in a natural setting where parents are already actively involved and have good relationships with the King School leadership team.

The Boston Athletic Association (the “BAA”), as part of the 125th anniversary of the Boston Marathon, awarded the Boston Chapter a $50,000 renewable grant to support programmatic efforts at the King School. The BAA’s contribution will include funding recreation activity during recess, before and after school; equipment to be used by the school and physical education programs; as well as an in-school running club and regular appearances at the school.  The BAA has also invited the King School to participate in its events and programs throughout the year.

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