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Dear Sponsors, Honorees and Friends

On behalf of Get Konnected! and Colette Phillips Communications, Inc., I am delighted to welcome you to the 8th Annual Anniversary of Get Konnected!, a business networking event I founded in 2008 on the premise of “inclusion.” Today, Get Konnected! has be- come Boston’s premier inclusive business networking event that brings together urban and international pro- fessionals, business executives, and entrepreneurs of all cultures for the purpose of networking.

Boston is a thriving world class city, that is both rich
in history and diversity. Today, the city is considered
one of the most culturally, ethnically and racially diverse cities in the U.S. Thanks to our status as a center for innovation in technology, healthcare, academia, and culture,
Boston continues to draw people from all ethnicities and all points of the globe. The richness and influence of the city’s diversity however, is not always as widely celebrated and appreciated as it should be.

The GK100: Boston’s 100 Most Influential People of Color aims to change that. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate, document and validate a plethora of individuals of color who are making positive contributions to the economic and social fabric of our vibrant city. Among them are scientists, corporate executives, educators, innovators, technologists, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, artists, social justice and civil rights advocates, high-ranking politicians and everyday people who regularly bring change and progress to their neighborhoods and beyond.

The GK100 should serve as a strong reminder to Boston’s business, academic, political and social institutions and circles, to replace the phrase “we can’t find qualified candi- dates of color” with the names in this booklet.

They stand on the shoulders of the GK50: the pioneers and trailblazers who shattered what must have seemed like intractable barriers in a time when little was expected of them and out-and-out prejudice rampant. Though many have retired, few have slowed down, and their work and influence continues. Equally inspiring is the next generation: the GK25: youthful leaders, thinkers, innovators and doers who are already making their mark and creating a brighter future for our city and its citizens. The GK Founder’s Choice celebrates and spotlights 10 outstanding citizen activists, social entrepreneurs

and social justice advocates who are working on the frontline to level the playing field and ensure opportunity, equality and equity for all.

More than a popularity contest, these lists are a tool. If you have a corporate or nonprofit board in need of energetic and thoughtful members, consult it. Tap it also for panels of experts, job and leadership candidates, or specific expertise truly rep- resentative of the city's multi-ethnic and culturally diverse citizenry. If you are a corporation or Institution, become a Get Konnected! partner. If you are a business executive, entrepreneur or graduate student we invite you to participate as well in the Get Konnected! gatherings bringing together the richness of Boston’s diversity in every sphere of influence.

Are the lists complete? By no means, but they’re a start. Each represents a sampling of many thousands of African Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans who every day shape our lives in the greater Boston area, and without whom the city would not work. If any were missed, the fault is ours, and the committee humbly and enthusiastically invites nominations for the future.

Lastly, we are deeply grateful to all our corporate and institutional sponsors and partners without whom Get Konnected! and this project would not be possible. We encourage all our friends and members of the Get Konnected! network to patronize and support these organizations who help to sustain and make Get Konnected! possible.

With Great Admiration and Respect,

Colette A.M. Phillips
President & CEO
Colette Phillips Communications, Inc.
Diverse Solutions for a Global Market

Founder/Publisher Kaleidoscope/Get Konnected! 


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