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Myran Parker-Brass

The byproducts of artistic ability are often thought to be traits like disorganization and flightiness.

But Myran Parker-Brass, both a talented performer and the arts director for the 58,000-student Boston public schools, bucks that creative stereotype.

The educators who sit down for a meeting with Parker-Brass will leave with a detailed action plan, to-do lists, and a follow-up meeting on the calendar. They’ll have been told kindly, yet firmly, what needs to be fixed and why.

And, despite the work that lies ahead for them, they’ll almost inevitably leave with a dose of the optimism Parker-Brass effuses.

“There’s nothing that we can’t solve, nothing we can’t work through,” says Parker-Brass, 63. “I love this. It’s who I am. I get very excited about helping teachers, but I get more excited about watching the kids.”


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